Žinau, kad pusė reklamos kampanijų
biudžetų išleidžiama veltui.
Deja, nežinau kuri.

/ Deivid Ogilvy /


Spread Way UAB started its activities in February 2007. We are a young and energetic company with more than 12 years experience in business-to-business (B2B) sales, advertising and media projects. The first years of our work and achieved results have demonstrated that our insights were right and the chosen strategy brought expected outcomes. Today, we are experiencing fast growth by implementing ambitious goals, expanding our team and our circle of partners.

Earlier we were very well familiar with the main types of media – television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Today, technological advancement and increasing competition lead to media transformation, mix of different types of media in the electronic space and change in consumer habits. This provides us with additional options and new tools for marketing. However, because of growing demand and diversity of information dissemination channels, it is increasingly more difficult to differentiate between and select the most appropriate channels for business communication.

The growth of advertising market every year increases advertising “noise”, makes it more difficult to attract the attention of a potential customer, and stimulates the demand for non-tradition advertising and alternative ways of communication.

Rising costs of advertising space in the media and prices of services affect marketing budgets. Therefore, we face the need to seek for original ideas and the most effective solutions.

There is a shortage of sales and marketing managers in the labour market – directors either “bring them up” or pay a lot to buy them out from others.

Taking into consideration these factors, companies more often opt to employ some of their labour force from the outside. Outsourcing of marketing and sales specialist services is becoming more common.

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